Jul 7, 2014

Monday Meet Me and Made it (Sort of)

LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS (In a loud announcers voiceha ha).  Can you tell I am excited about being in Vegas.  So after very little sleeponce you have slept next to someone for almost 22 years it is hard for me to sleep by myself, even in this beautiful king size bed. No don't do the math...just don't...I was a child bride...ya that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I digress, I am linking up today with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made Itit wasn’t quite the one I had planned but I am trying here, work with me people.

I had actually had two projects I was working on this past week, but I didn’t quite get them done L.  I did go to Lowe’s Saturday morning to get the last few supplies to try to finish and the hubs says”You really think you’re gonna have time to finish that before you go?” (sarcastic voice) Well don’t let him know I said itbut he was right I didn’t get done.  It has taken me a loong time to train him that I am always I don't want this to get out.  I will post them next weekno excuses.

So I Made Itto Las Vegas.  Ha Ha.  I know that is kind of cheating.  My room is beautiful and I am super excited for all the learning and fun this week.

Second Made itpart of the reason I didn’t finish my other projects was thismy boys only concern with me leaving for 5 ½ days was but mom “What are we gonna eat?” lol.  I guess you can see how it rolls at our house.  Dad is not exactly handy in the kitchen.  So at the last minute I made brownies, Chicken broccoli casserole, enchiladas, and put together supplies for hamburgers, I assumed they could figure that one out. I don’t have pics of everything, the last few I finally finished after midnight and was too tired to take any

Then I typed up a menu with directions for each evening and then a category titled lunch ideas with suggestions the boys could handle on their own.  Keep in mind these boys are 18, 16 and 14.  I guess I have failed as a mother, they are used to me doing it all.  But they will get by I am sure.  Despite the fact I did all this they text me a pic last night that said “dad making dinner”.

Yes that is a taco bell quesadillaoh well. They said it was too hot to turn the oven on.  I’ll give them a pass I guess, it was 105 yesterday at home.

This morning I am also linking up the gals from The Teaching Tribune for their Monday Meet Me.  I have really enjoyed participating in these the last several weeks.  It is lots of fun to find out a little bit more about all my bloggy friends.

Got to head off to “class” have a great day friends.  Be sure to link up so I can find out what you made and some more about you!



  1. Ha ha. I love the picture of your husband "making dinner." That's what happens when my mom goes out of town. Don't feel bad, my brother is 15 (almost 16), and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be able to make himself a lunch without a list of ideas from our mom.
    My name is Lauren and I always get people thinking I said Laura.
    Have a great time in Vegas!
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. I can't even describe to you how jealous I am that you are in Vegas. Have a fabulous time and be sure to post about all of your new knowledge!! :)

    Mrs. Masters’ Kinder Love

  3. Love this whole post...ALL of it! If I lived at your house I would need you to leave me food with directions and a menu also. I'm not joking. One time my mom left me with my dad and he made me call Domino's Pizza every single night. On the 5th day I told him no more Domino's. He was going to have to figure something else out for dinner. I had a YouTube story this year too. It was all about bugs and things bugs do to multiply. Never again will I not watch a video all the way through!!! LOL!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Testing, testing....1, 2, 3. Just checking to reply to your email. XOXOX

  5. Hehe! I have friends who use different names in coffee shops too! Especially if they are a little bit tricky! Good job on setting your boys up with some meals! My friend Emma is in Vegas right now too! I hope you run into her! She is Clever Classroom and from Sydney Australia so there will be a definite accent there! Have a wonderful time!
    Teaching Maths with Meaning