Jan 31, 2015

Slimdown Saturday

I can’t believe it is Saturday already.  The weeks just seem to be flying by.  I am linking up with Gina at Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust.

Here are my deets for the week

Well it wasn’t the week I was hoping for with only a 0.8lb loss.  However, some loss is better than no loss right.  I will take it.  A positive from this week is that despite not “feeling” this week I stuck with it. The eating whole foods part anyway. There were several times this week I so wanted to “cheat” but I stayed the course and I am proud of myself for that. I also got back on track with my water intake with the help of this little guy

I had ordered this on Amazon months back, but just never started using it. I read the directions Monday so I could start using it. Now I am hooked and love it.  It counts my ounces of water for me so I know right where I am at and how far I need to go.  I did have a tough time making it to recess a couple of days, if you know what I mean #teacherproblems

I didn’t really meet my exercise goals either.  I am going to stop beating myself up about that and just move on.  I did get on the treadmill two days, better than no days, right? But I didn’t make it to the gym L I think I need some buddies to help motivate me.  I have several friends who attend classes at a small gym in the next town.  I have decided that this week I am going to join a few of the classes and hope that because others that I know are going to be there it will motivate me to Get. It. Done. I also need to remember to put my fitbit on in the morning.  Several days I forgot, so it is hard to make your goal when you don’t know how far you have gone. 

Here is my quote for the week

 I love this!  How did you do on your goals for the week? I would love to hear about it.  I am here cheering you on!! Make this week your best!

Jan 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Tear Art

I am linking up today with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for her Wordless Wednesday.  I know, I know it is Thursday.  In my defense I had this all written and ready to go yesterday but realized that I never actually pushed publishfail! 

Today we were beginning to work on a tear art snowman project in my art elective.

Do you do art? What are some of your favorite winter art projects? I would love to hear all about them.

Be sure to check out the linky to see all the other great pics this week.

Jan 25, 2015

Slimdown Saturday!

I am linking up a little late with Gina at Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust for Slim Down Saturday.  

Let’s get right down to business.  Here are my stats for the week:

 OK, let’s be real.  The reason I am linking up late is I was feeling down in the dumps.  I was not happy with my number on the scale.  I lost .2lbs.  Really .2 are you kidding me??  I felt like I had been super good on my diet this past week and I really expected more.  I thought if I waited until this morning maybe the number would be better. NOT! In fact it was .2 up from yesterday.  But I am reverting to yesteday’s number since that is the day we were supposed to link up anyway and I didn’t want to post a ZERO.

I am trying to look at the factors.  Could it be water weight? Maybe, I didn’t drink as much water this week, which actually makes you hold on to water.  I may not be eating enough calories?  Sometimes your body rebels when it thinks it is starving.  There were a few days when I barely had a 1,000 calories.  I wasn’t trying to be that low, I was just super busy during the day and still had like 700 calories to go by dinner.  Now if I went to Jack-n-The Box that would have been easy to do.  But when you have half a plate of veggies and some lean protein, it is not so easy.  Honesty I just wasn’t hungry after all the veggies.  SO, I will try to be sure I even out my calories better this week.

Yet another factor could be the thing I failed at AGAIN.  I did not exercise this week.  I know that for me exercise makes all the difference in losing weight at a faster rate. I have done this a time or two, or three, or four.  I have always been like a yo-yo with my weight, since I was 17.  

Something I did right this week was cook whole foods almost every meal.  One evening we were out late and opted for Panda Express, I had steamed veggies and Teriyaki Chicken with no sauce so I made the best of what could have been a bad situation.  I already shopped yesterday and have my menu for the week so I am sticking with that plan despite my less than stellar results in the weight department.  I will say at least my jeans feel looser.

My to do better is obviously exercise, and my goal is 10,000 steps a day in addition to a weight or cardio work out at least 3 days.  It has been so hard to get to the gym and I am letting that be an excuse, but no more.  I know that once I get going it will be so much easier and soon become a welcome habit.  I dug my fitbit out of drawer and it is charging so it will be all ready for the morning. Progress right?

My quote for this week is

 I think that pretty much sums it up. Hope you all are doing well with your healthy eating and exercise plans. Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing, even if you haven’t linked up you can be in on the accountability!  I would love to be your cheerleader! Make it a great week friends!

Jan 17, 2015

Five for Fraturday, Saturday Slim Down & A Surprise!

I am doubling down todaywell not exactly, then I'd be playing blackjack which I am notI am joing 2 linky parties and I have a little surprise to share too!

It has been a crazy week.  We don’t ever get snow, no chance even, but we have horrible fog.  We had at least a 2 hour delay every day this week except Friday.  2 days buses were even canceled, so I only had 11 out of 20 kiddos.  One day the 2 hour delay turned into a 3 hour delay, just a total mess!

Needless, to say I am glad this week is over because my lesson plans were a total wreck!  Everyday, I was rearranging and moving things around to accommodate our strange schedule and my lack of students.  As a result we did not get everything done that I wanted to this week. But we did get in some great review and learned a few new things.

On with the fun. First I am linking up with Kacey at Doodle bugs for her Five for Friday on Saturday, per my usual tardiness with this linkylol. I am always spent by Friday evening and don’t get anything accomplished once I get home.

Since I have failed to link lately I am going to be sharing 5 things from the last several weeks. I must warn you it is a little long and overloaded with pics.

So how was your holiday break?  Does it seem like a distant memory alreadyhaha! We had a great time.  We had many family gatherings with way too much good food. We then headed to the beach to camp out for 5 days.  

Yes that is ice on the windows and top of the truck.  That is exactly why I was ready for the beach! I call it camping, but that isn’t exactly right.  It is more like trailering.  All I have to do is press a button to turn on the generator and tada, we have all the comforts of home. TV, Video games for the boys, Keurig machine for me. But, we do open the door and step into the sand and the view is incredible. We always camp with several other friends and family members so it is a blast.

Even when we are not at the race track the boys are racing.

We also spent two weekends at the race track.  It is great family fun and I love watching my boys.  It is a little nerve wracking at times, I will admit.  My babies, I know they really aren't anymore, are going 60+ miles an hour around a track bumping other cars.  But they love it. It gets pretty exciting, especially when they are winning.  Which we have fortunately been doing a lot of lately.

We started back to school on the 8th, yes a Thursday.  Our admin thought it would ease the kiddos back into the school routine easier.  So we only had 2 days of school.  Not a lot of time.  We did finish up our study of digraphs by doing a circle map of PH.

You can find our other digraph circle maps here and hereWe then completed our ph soundbrochure.  These are from Simply Kinder and they are terrific.  They give a great review of what we have covered and my favorite thing is they each have a section for home.  Something easy the kiddos can do with their parents to keep everyone involved. They love them and think they are special since it is a “brochure”lol. It cracks me up sometimes that they get excited about the simplest things. 

Despite our crazy week this week we did dive into blends.  I start with the “L” blends.  This week we studied BL and CL.

For our short week we did a fantastic job in writer’s workshop.  We wrote about what we did on our vacationof course.  They are growing so much as writers and I am supper proud of my kiddos.

These two didn’t know any of their letters when school started and now they are stretching out their words. So excited for them.  In case you don’t read kindergarten(left side) "We are playing soccer outside." (right side) "My and Luna’s birthday."

This sweetie just melts my heart with what she wrote.  “I and my brother are playing soccer.  Me and my brother we love each other.”

This little guy did a fantastic job sounding out his words, and he was super busy during vacation.  “I went to Anthony’s house. I went to Chuck-e-Cheese.  I saw Anthony at John’s Incredible Pizza. I went to the buffet. I saw Ricardo. I went home. I ate a donut.” Sounds like a great vaca to me.

We also read one of my favorite winter books. Sneezy the snowman.  We then wrote about the story elements. 

 Next we drew and wrote about the effects of making bad choices.  They did a great job sequencing what happened in the story, what the bad choices were and the consequences.

They look great hanging in our quilt display, too!

Finally we completed a spin, graph and build a snowman.  I love incorporating math with our ELA units. 

Our snowmen made such a cute wall display in our room!
These activities for Sneezy can all be found from the fabulous Deanna Jump here

This week we read my favorite book for learning about Martin Luther King Jr.,  Martin’s Big Words.  We also discussed vocabulary from our story to get a better understanding.

We even made these adorable Martin’s from Katie Knight’s American Hero’s pack.  They came out adorable. Sorry for the lack of pics.  They needed quite a bit of guidance with this one so I didn’t have time to snap more of the fun.

Well, you have made it this far, whew!  So I figured I would share my surprise before moving on to my 2nd linky. 

 Friday I got some big news.  I was chosen as Teacher of the Year for my school/district.  I was totally surprised and humbled. I work with a great bunch of teachers and feel totally honored to have been bestowed this award. I was pretty excited I have to say!

Now for my next linky.  I am joining Gina over at Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust for her Slim Down Saturday!

I am 10 days into my resolution and this is how it is going.

I am down another 2 pounds this week for a total of 5, woo hoo!  Inch by Inch I’ll get there.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself when I am eyeing those donuts in the teacher's lounge. I have NOT had any by the way.  

My positives for the week are I cut my caffeine down to 1 cup of coffee a day.  If you know me this is quite an accomplishment.  The coffee it self doesn’t have a ton of calories, but what I put in it to drink it sure doeslol. I am choosing instead green tea and I am really enjoing it.  I also managed to increase my water intake.

I did have an epic fail in the exercise department.  As in, I did none, at all, not even a little.  I know that I have to in order to get the results I ultimately want.  I do enjoy working out, I just have to make it a priority. I know once I get back in the habit it will be much easier. SO that is at the top of the listagain this week!

For this next week I am really trying to stick with all whole foods.  Which means really cooking every night.  A few times this past week I was so tired I resorted to a lean cuisine in the microwave.  I know that was better than hitting the fast food drive through, but I know I can do better.

This was my inspiration this week

Well congrats if you made it through this marathon post.  I love reading all your comments.  So let me know how your week went.  Be sure to check out the two linkys above and have a great week!  

Jan 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice for her Wordless Wednesday.

Today we were rockin’ our literacy centers.

I was so proud of my littles for working independently.  Do you do literacy centers? Do you do Daily 5? What do you like about what you use and what would you like to change?

I would love to read your comments and thoughts.  Be sure to go check out all the other wordless Wednesday pics!