Jun 21, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge ~ Makeover Madness

I am joining up with the fabulous Sparkling in Second, Teach Create Motivate, Third in Hollywood and Peppy ZestyTeacherista for their super fun TPT Seller Challenge.  

I just started my TPT journey last summer and so I have a ton to learn still. I figured this was the perfect way to kick it up a notch. Here are my beginning stats. 

It is pretty clear what my favorite form of social media is… I think it is also important to realize every one moves at their own pace and we cannot compare our journey to any one else's. I didn't start promoting on IG until the end of December and look how far I have come in such a short time. So I do know that if I put my mind to it, I can do it! Nonetheless, it is clear I have some work to do. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to it.

The first challenge was Makeover Madness. We were to take one of our products and makeover the cover or even the entire product. Well since I am so new and am still learning so much, I don’t have very many items in my store. So I looked at all 8 of them…lol, and decided I could improve the cover on my Jungle Number posters.

I really do like the changes I made. It stands out better and looks more professional. I have also noticed that many sellers are now using a square format for their covers. I love the way it looks. So I am heading back to the drawing board and doing some more improvements on all of my products. I guess that is one good thing about not having many items in your store. Always look for the positive I say!

Since I was in the makeover mood. I also decided to do a little update in my TPT store. I am not super tech savvy, but I get by. So I have to say I was super proud of myself for dressing up my quote box.

I am looking forward to our next challenge! Have a great week!


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