Mar 1, 2015

Saturday Slimdown

Well I am back linking up with Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust for Slimdown Saturday.  

A little late I know.  I spent all day yesterday working on report cards and conference prep so I could enjoy today.  I am still going even though I have not reported in a few weeks.  Here is how it is going.

 I have lost an additional pound since I last linked up for a total loss of 9 pounds.  Now that is not nearly as far as I had hoped to be by this time.  I have been trying to eat clean for almost 8 weeks, so that is just slightly more than 1 pound a week.  That is not biggest loser speed, but I have a real life and don’t live on a ranch where I have time to workout 2-3 times a day and a kitchen full of just healthy foods to prepare for meals.  I need to keep it in perspective and be happy that I am at least making progress.

I am proud of myself that I am sticking to it even though I am not seeing the “big” results yet.  I will say I know I have had a bigger change in inches because my clothes are fitting better.

I know what I need to do to kick it up.  The same thing I have been saying for 8 weeks nowEXERCISE!!! That’s it.  That is the catalyst that I am missing and I realize that.  I need to stop making the excusesI’m tiredI really need toyou get the idea.  That is what I need to better at this week, making it a priority no matter what.  It should be actually easier this week and that goes along with my goal for the week.

When you read my goal you were probably thinking, what? Well we are leaving on Wednesday for 6 days in Las Vegas for a family vacation to the NASCAR races.  So my goal is to try to keep eating clean as much as possible and still feel like I am enjoying my time with my family.  On the other hand it will make my goal of more exercise much easier.  I won’t have school, so I won’t be spent by 6pm.  Usually my hubby and I go down to the hotel gym each morning for a workout and then there is a ton of walking to the track, around the track, on the strip.  So I should definitely make my previous goals of 10,000 steps a day no problem. I just need to keep my eating in check so I don’t ruin all the great exercise I am going to do and the progress I have made so far.

My quote for this week is

I loved this and thought it was a great thought to keep on the front of my mind.  How are your goals going?  Make it a great week friends!

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  1. I love how you put the whole thing into perspective compared to the Biggest Loser... you are so right. I get so frustrated when the pounds don't just fall off... but we are in real life here. Not living on the ranch with nothing to do but eat healthy and work out. I did better over summer when I wasn't working. I need to figure out a way to balance things better. Have a good week and thanks for linking up even though I went MIA for a couple weeks!