Feb 1, 2015

February Currently

Happy Sunday!  Today I am joining one of my favorite linky’s, Farley’s Currently for February.  

Are you thinking what I am thinkingFebruary already?  I think the older I get the fast time goes. Yes it is time to admit that I AM getting older, not that I have to like it, but it is a fact.

Listeninghubby is watching Race Hub on DVR from Friday.  With a house full of boys there is almost always some kind of sporting event on the TV.

LovingThe start of race season.  Although this year, we didn’t really take much of a break.  We usually end our season the end of October and don’t start until late February. However, this year we joined a new winter series and have been racing twice a month since late December at a new track. 

We will start traveling soon with the new season, and even though it is exhausting it is also lots of fun! I know most people are likeracing? boring.  You’re just watching cars go around in a circle.  But anyone who has been involved in the sport knows it is so much more than that.  It is father/son bonding out in the garage getting ready for the race.  It is hanging out all weekend at the track with friends, who have become your race family.  Cheering each other on and the thrill of winning, well it just never gets old.  It is quality time with my boys that I would never give up. Despite the fact that it can be nerve wracking at times.

ThinkingNo. More. Fog.  Like at all please!  This year has been like no other for fog in our area.  We have had more 2 or 3 hour delays and canceled buses this year than in all the last 5 years combined.  It just throws all my lesson plans out the window.  You lose instruction time and worse yet, with canceled buses I only end up having half my class.  The worst part, these aren’t like snow days where you make them up later.  It still counts as a school day. Ok I will stop complaining now.

Wantingwho doesn’t want an extra day between Saturday and Sunday??  I know I sure do.  Saturday I am trying to recoup from the week and get some chores done around the house, then Sunday it’s working in my room or from my couch and squeezing in some family time too.  Not to mention if is a race weekend I REALLY need an extra day.

NeedingOk so this is totally selfish.  In all honesty there is really NOTHING that I NEED.  But, I really, really, really want a Vitamix.  Like really.  I actually have been wanting one for a while, but I just can’t seem to justify the expense.  Since the first of the year I have stuck to my commitment of getting back to eating healthy and having a Vitamix would make it even easier.  I would so love to enjoy my “green” protein shakes without bits of spinach that didn’t get blended up well. I am thinking I am going to bite the bullet and get it.  Hey, if I get it Target I can save another 5% with my red card rightdone.

Pagent TitleQueen of the Jungle.  This has multiple meanings.  No I am not WILD, far from it.  But my room is a jungle theme and everyone on campus refers to it as the Jungle room, and my principal always says you are the Queen of your room and make the rules.  I will also admit, sometimes it feels like it is a jungle with all those little bodies moving around the room.  I also feel like it is often a jungle in my home.  All boys, who often don’t clean up after themselves.  I know I am partly to blame, since it is easier to just do it myself than to nag. Not to mention the noise.  I DO NOT have those quiet, calm kind of boys.  Mine are loud, in your face, wrestling in the middle of my family room kind.  But I love them to pieces.

Be sure to head back and check out Farely’s linky and see what everyone else is “currently” up to. I love to read your comments and thoughts.  Have a blessed week my friends!


  1. I put the same kind of title down for myself. I feel like I'm Queen of my classroom. I know just the kind of boys you are talking about too. Every one of my boys in class is like that and I love them to pieces. My team mates and I always joke that they give all those boys to me because they know I can handle it. I also need an extra day on the weekend. They really should be 3 days always. Make the school year longer I don't care I just need an extra day!

  2. How exciting for race season!! I really don't know much at all about racing, but I bet it is exciting and something so fun for you and your family! I hope the season is great! I really want an extra day this weekend too! I feel like when the month changes over I have more to do in my classroom, so I would love a work day! I hope the fog stops... fog scares me, I hate driving in it! Yours must be awful! Here's to hoping it ends and that everyone can come to school!

    1. I feel the same way when a new month starts. I am heading in extra early in the morning to finish getting set up. I had to rush out to an appointment on Friday and wasn't quite done. Seems as if everyone has agreed about the extra day on the weekend, I wonder who we can petition to make this Have a fantastic week!


  3. Fabulous! I love your commitment to racing and having fun with your children. These are days you will remember forever. So get go the Vitamix! The 5% off is worth the trip! Make milkshakes for the boys and it is a win-win! Have a great, not foggy week!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. I don't know anyone who would oppose to an extra day between Saturday and Sunday! I love your pageant title. :)

    My Carolina Classroom

  5. Laura, I LOVE that you love racing! It's those special things that make a family- and you will always have! And you are SO right... Target practically is GIVING you that Vitamix with 5% off. Go get it!!!!! We have a snowday today. Finally! And- I am sure your busy little boys just LOVE you to pieces because they know you love them! Have a great week!

    1. Hope you enjoyed your snowday. Thanks for your sweet comments. They always make me smile! I hope to get to town and Target Friday. Can't wait. I'll be sure to tell the hubby how everyone said I "had" to get the ;)