Oct 15, 2014

My iPad can do what??

If you had to describe your summer using the title of a blockbuster movie, what would it be??  That’s what our Principal asked us to come prepared with on our first teacher workday in August. Well I answered “The Notebook”. 

Now I know you are asking yourself what does this have to do with iPads.  I am getting to that I promise.

Anywhothe movie title is not what you are thinking either.  I do love my hubby.  We have been married 22 years next week, by the way I was a child bride, I must have been, I can’t be that old, I digress againbut he is not really the super romantic type.  I choose “The Notebook” because I went to three different Professional Development training's this summer and filled up a notebook with fantastic ideas.

One of the training's was three days all about technology.  I learned some pretty terrific things.  So I am linking up with TheTeaching Trio for a fun Tech link up.

Have you thought about going paperless, or at least using less paper in your room.  There are all kinds of ways to do that.  I am super lucky since I have a class set of iPads.  We are still learning how to best utilize them to their full potential.  However, even if you only have one device there are still things you can do.

First up, I have some fantastic short cuts to use with your iPad. I know this week is supposed to be all about apps, but I have a few quick tips for your iPad too.

Did you know??

Gestures to use with your iPad

*Use 2 fingers to pinch in and out to activate dynamic zoom on text and pictures.

*Use 3 fingers to double tap on the screen to turn on zoom.  Then drag your finger around to pan to other areas of the screen.  Tap and hold to zoom up and down levels.  Double tap to close out.

*Use 4 fingers on the screen going upward to see all of the windows you have open that you can then scroll through.  4 Fingers down will return you to where you were.  I look at this like flipping between multiple tabs on my computer.

*Use 5 fingers pinched to the middle to close any app you are in.
Next Up some Keyboarding tips. 

*BY hitting the space bar twice at the end of a sentence it will automatically put the period for you.

*Shake your iPad 2-3 times to undo what you just did.

While on the main keyboard do the following:
*Press and hold the comma to get an apostrophe.
*Press and hold the period key to get the quotation mark
*Press and hold the N to get the Spanish n
*Press and hold any vowel to get alternates

While on the second keyboard do the following:
*Press and hold the $ to get the &
*Press and hold the 0 to get the degree symbol

You can switch keyboards to get any of these actions, but once you have the hang of these short cuts it would be much quicker.

Now for some fun apps to use. (All of these will work with your iPhone or iPod Touch too, if you don't have an iPad yet.)

Notability...  I really love this one.  It is $2.99, but so worth it.  You can add any picture, pdf or word document into it from your google docs and write directly on it, with your finger or a stylus.  This has endless possibilities.  One of my favorite ways to use this is when giving my DRA tests.  Put the passage on your device and make your notations right on your iPad.  Then file it under each child’s name.  No papers to keep track of. You can even easily export the files back to your desktop if needed. 
You can also use the record feature to keep a record of their voice to listen to at a later time if you need to recheck. The best par,t if you want to do this, you can get all of the DRA’s already in individual pdf’s online.  Just visit  They have higher levels available as well. 

Do you do running records?  You can do those on your iPad too.

Want to turn your projector into more??  Download Doceri  You will need to put it on your iPad and computer.  Then what ever you have on your ipad will project onto your screen, if your computer is connected to the screen as well.  You can then circulate around the room. Go through your presentation, or power point, without being tied to your compter.  

Even ask students questions about the content.  Hand the student your iPad to choose their answer and it shows up on the board.  Everyone is involved and interacting.

Want a fun and easy way to access the learning happening in your room? Check out Plickers  You print off a card with a special shape for each student.  You put in your list of multiple choice questions into the program.  You ask the question and each student holds up their card in the proper direction, essentially choosing A,B,C or D.  You take a quick scan around the room with your iPad and it puts the answers up on the board.  
You can see how many answered each letter.  No need to use personal names if you don't want to, just use student numbers .  Then you can see who needs a little more practice on a particular skill. It also allows you to discuss as a class which answer was correct and why.

For those curious students.  Why not discect a frogwhatyes you can.  There is an app that shows it all (frogdissection) and lets you do the work by moving your finger on the screen.  I have some kiddos that are going to love our unit on frogs. Warning the app is $3.99, but I think the experience will be priceless.

I have even more fun to share, but rather than overwhelm you with too much I’ll be linking up again next week with some more Technology Tips.  Hope you found something useful.  Be sure to check out all the other fantastic ideas in the Technology linky withThe Teaching Trio!



  1. Thanks for sharing all of this!! The Doceri app looks really great!! I had not heard of that one before!


    1. Glad that it was helpful for you. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  2. Great ideas and a ton of info! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Plickers looks like such a cool App. I am printing the cards and downloading the App as I type!!! Thanks SO much for sharing :)

    1. Glad you found something you can use! Thanks for taking the time to comment.


    2. I used Plickers this week and I can't believe how brilliant & easy it was! I have to say I didn't think it would work so well and tried it out on a smaller class first ;) but I just LOVE how quickly it picks up the kids' cards & how you can see their names flashing on the screen as you scan the room. One thing I didn't figure out was how you get a pupil's data with their individual percentage or score. Is there a way of getting that information? Otherwise, I love it and will definitely use it again, so thanks again for sharing :)