May 17, 2014

Five for Fraturday

What a crazy week!  It flew by in the blink of an eye.  I just have to hold it together for 13 more days! I still can't believe it is ONLY 13 days. For a small peek into my week, from what I can remember, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Five or Friday, on Saturday againlol.

One thing that has been consuming my time this week is getting the announcements and invitations out for my two sons graduations.  My oldest is graduating from High School and my youngest is graduating from 8th grade. 

They have, thankfully, agreed to have a combined party so that is only one party to plan instead of two.  

I was channeling my inner Dr. Seuss to come up with their party invite.  I don’t think Hallmark will be calling to ask for my service, but I think it came out pretty well.   

We had our Burrel’s Got Talent show at school this week.  I wasn’t able to attend, boo. I did have a good reason though.  It was the same night as my son’s open house at his school, where he was performing with the men’s choir.  

These photos are a few of my Kinder cuties practicing for their big debut.

These two can hula hoop like nobody’s business.  Not to mention these are like super-size hula hoops, not just your average hoops.

She is turning in a circle while hula hooping around her neckpretty amazing.

Walking around the stage while still spinning the hoop!

Some Folklorico dancing.

Amidst this crazy week my oldest son and I had to run to town, that’s what you say when you live in the middle of nowhere and it is a 20 minute drive to the nearestwell anything.  It was super-hot100 degrees already, so we had to stop at my favorite place for a quick fix.  Starbucksof course. 

What? What? Do you see that name?  Yes, FLORA.  My son has been laughing it up ever since this happened.  You see, his name is Beau.  For all of you teachers, that is easy what could be messed up with thatbut let me just tell you.  He has been bean, bow, boo, and many moreit gets called out and spelled wrong at Fast Food type places a lot.  So, when we ordered at Starbucks, I gave my order with my name and then he gave his order and just said put her name too.  Then we watched in awe as she wrote FLORA on both of the cups.  It was all we could do to keep from cracking up right then.  Now he has been texting me and asking "Flora" all kinds of questions.  This kid is soo funny.  I am really gonna miss him when he goes off to college this fall.  It’s the little things people!!

We did manage to do some actual learning this week in class too!  We finished up our study of Magic “e” with this fantastic mini unit from Lauren at a Teachable Teacher.  You can get the mini unit here and see it in more detail on her blog here.  My kiddos just loved singing her original song! They are pointing out magic “e” everywhere they see it. It was loads of fun and lots of great learning too!

We also had some fun review this week during centers.  Have you used the app WoodPuzzler??  If not be sure to check it out and it is free too.  My kiddos love it.  It is just what the name suggestsputting together an old fashioned wood puzzlebut it is on the iPad.  It is simple to differentiate for different student abilities in your room too.  My TK’s love building the puzzles about letters.  You can also customize words for your kiddos who need extra work on sight words or names.  

Well, I am off for a date with my washerthe excitement of my life.  Then to a dinner to celebrate my MIL’s birthday.

~Laura  aka Flora


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