May 25, 2014

Five for Funday!

Happy Saturday Sunday to ya’ll. (I started this post Saturday, but got a massive migraine, probably brought on in part by a lack of sleep this week, and had to wait until this morning to finish it.)  Can I just say 8 more days!! Woo Hoo!  Don’t get me wrong I love my kiddos and I am actually really gonna miss them, but I am sooo ready for a break.  Not to mention my perfect students, Ha! Ha!,  have been bouncing off the walls this past week.  I think they are ready for a break too! 

I am here to share my week by linking up with Five for Funday!

First, we have been doing our Countdown to Summer. Each day we tear off a link of our chain and we get to do whatever fun activity is listed.  The kiddos have been so excited for this every morning to see what we will get to do.    

Our first activity was Sidewalk Chalk.

As you can see I have some real artists.  They had a blast.

Our second activity was Popsicle Day.  They thought this was soo cool.

Our Third countdown day was extra Go Noodle time.  My class is just loving Go Noodle.  If you haven’t checked it out you really should. 
I didn't get any pics, since my iPhone doesn’t take good action shots and they were all pretty blurry!

Friday we had staff appreciation Day.  Our students left at 12noon and our School Board had a super lunch for us. 

Isn’t this vase of flowers just too cute.  Plus I am really loving my Starbucks gift card.

I also gave a special gift to my paraprofessionals.  They really are fantastic and I wanted to let them know just how much I appreciate them. 

I made these super cute chocolate dipped fortune cookies.  They were pretty easy to do.  Melt chocolate, dip in chocolate, then dip in sprinkles and let dry.

Then I put them in the Chinese takeout containers with a cute note:  “I am so fortunate to have you as my paraprofessional.  Thanks for all you do.” I had seen super cute chinese boxes in the Target dollar spot before I came across this idea, but of course when I went back they were all gone.  So I had to settle for plain white ones. This cute idea was thanks to Teachery Tidbits  who did this same thing for her room moms.  I then included an amazon gift card to top it off.

Finally the highlight of my week was my oldest son’s High School graduation on Friday night.  I am one proud mama.  But, boy am I feeling old now!   

Here is Beau giving his Valedictorian speech.

The whole family after the graduation ceremony. Can you tell my oldest hates taking pictures!!  What a  I can’t get over how big all of my boys are getting.  Not to mention I have on 4” wedge heels or I would look even shorter.  Where does the time go.

Have a great long weekend! 


May 21, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Hey gangI am linking up with Christina at Sugar and Spice for

We are having a blast with our Summer Countdown activities.

How many more days do you have??
  Thank you Molly at Lucky to be in First for this super idea.


May 17, 2014

Five for Fraturday

What a crazy week!  It flew by in the blink of an eye.  I just have to hold it together for 13 more days! I still can't believe it is ONLY 13 days. For a small peek into my week, from what I can remember, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Five or Friday, on Saturday againlol.

One thing that has been consuming my time this week is getting the announcements and invitations out for my two sons graduations.  My oldest is graduating from High School and my youngest is graduating from 8th grade. 

They have, thankfully, agreed to have a combined party so that is only one party to plan instead of two.  

I was channeling my inner Dr. Seuss to come up with their party invite.  I don’t think Hallmark will be calling to ask for my service, but I think it came out pretty well.   

We had our Burrel’s Got Talent show at school this week.  I wasn’t able to attend, boo. I did have a good reason though.  It was the same night as my son’s open house at his school, where he was performing with the men’s choir.  

These photos are a few of my Kinder cuties practicing for their big debut.

These two can hula hoop like nobody’s business.  Not to mention these are like super-size hula hoops, not just your average hoops.

She is turning in a circle while hula hooping around her neckpretty amazing.

Walking around the stage while still spinning the hoop!

Some Folklorico dancing.

Amidst this crazy week my oldest son and I had to run to town, that’s what you say when you live in the middle of nowhere and it is a 20 minute drive to the nearestwell anything.  It was super-hot100 degrees already, so we had to stop at my favorite place for a quick fix.  Starbucksof course. 

What? What? Do you see that name?  Yes, FLORA.  My son has been laughing it up ever since this happened.  You see, his name is Beau.  For all of you teachers, that is easy what could be messed up with thatbut let me just tell you.  He has been bean, bow, boo, and many moreit gets called out and spelled wrong at Fast Food type places a lot.  So, when we ordered at Starbucks, I gave my order with my name and then he gave his order and just said put her name too.  Then we watched in awe as she wrote FLORA on both of the cups.  It was all we could do to keep from cracking up right then.  Now he has been texting me and asking "Flora" all kinds of questions.  This kid is soo funny.  I am really gonna miss him when he goes off to college this fall.  It’s the little things people!!

We did manage to do some actual learning this week in class too!  We finished up our study of Magic “e” with this fantastic mini unit from Lauren at a Teachable Teacher.  You can get the mini unit here and see it in more detail on her blog here.  My kiddos just loved singing her original song! They are pointing out magic “e” everywhere they see it. It was loads of fun and lots of great learning too!

We also had some fun review this week during centers.  Have you used the app WoodPuzzler??  If not be sure to check it out and it is free too.  My kiddos love it.  It is just what the name suggestsputting together an old fashioned wood puzzlebut it is on the iPad.  It is simple to differentiate for different student abilities in your room too.  My TK’s love building the puzzles about letters.  You can also customize words for your kiddos who need extra work on sight words or names.  

Well, I am off for a date with my washerthe excitement of my life.  Then to a dinner to celebrate my MIL’s birthday.

~Laura  aka Flora

May 10, 2014

Five for Fraturday

Well I improved my record by 1 day.  Last week it was Five for Funday.  Today I am squeaking in on Five for Fraturday, I am on California time ya know. Maybe next week I’ll actually make it on Fridaylol.  Well, one can dream, right.

In my defense I do have a good excuse for not posting until now.  We had our annual Spring Carnival at School last night.  So I was at school at 7:30am, and I finally walked in the door to my family at 10:20pm.  Needless to say I was pooped and I needed some time to recuperate.

However, due to my obsessive type A personality we have to start our 5 pics of the week at the beginning of course...not with the carnival pics!

Monday was Cinco de Mayo and since the population of the school I teach at is 98% Hispanic we celebrate in a big way.  Like half the day celebrate.  About half of the Mothers of my students brought food to share.  I am not talking about a little something either.  We had a full on meal tamales, rice, nachos, posole (probably spelled wrong), a spicy hot chocolate drink, lime drink, ice pops and Mexican candy.  Next we all went outside and there was face painting, a soccer shoot out, music, bean bag toss and a few other games.  Then of course we had piñatas.  There was one for the K-2 students and one for the 4-8 students.  A great time was had by all the students and their families.

I couldn’t resist getting a pic of this little cutie in her special outfit and face paint.  I didn’t get many pics taken since I was running the soccer shoot out game, so not my thing.  I was always a dancer and cheerleader NOT on the sports teams.  But, I am always willing to pitch in where ever I am needed.

Do you let your kiddos take pictures of their center work?  Well, mine love to do just that.  It motivates them to get their work done, since they know they will be able to then take a picture with my iPhone or iPad.  I tell them it is so I can “check” their work later, it is really so I am not disturbed during guided reading.  It just cracks me up sometimes what I find when I check them out at the end of the day. You can really tell who the hams are in my class.  Sorry these are a little blurry, they haven’t become expert photographers yet. 

Did you shop the TPT sale?  Well I sure did.  I filled up my cart 3 times.  I just can’t pass up a good deal.  Then I went and left all my feed back. Then I had to go back one last time to spend my credits of course.

I went a little crazy.  Thank goodness my hubs doesn’t know how much I spend on TPTlol.   Anywho,  I did get several bundles off my wish list that have been on there for quite a while, as well as some much needed clip art to use this summer, and I am ready to go for the beginning of next year too!

What items did you get that you couldn’t live without??  

We created the most adorable Mother’s Day Lap books in my class this week.  Check out Jennifer’s bog Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten for all the details.  My kiddos loved working on them and I know their Mother’s are going to love them too!

My awesome Paraprofessionals helping out the kiddos with the hand prints while I worked with them on the writing portion.

In case your Kindergarten reading skills are a bit rusty I’ll translatelol.  I love my mom.  My mom give me love.  I give my mom love. I don’t lie to mom.  I love you mom.

Just love this poem that is on the back of each lap book.

The finished product!

Last but not least we had our annual school carnival Friday night.  We had a good turn out, considering we only have 131 students in our whole school K-8.  I tried to sneak away from my duties to snap a few pics, before it got too dark.

 I was in charge of the silent auction with our 5th Grade teacher Mrs. Taylor, otherwise know as Vana White, seen ablove.  Her students are our reading buddies and my kinders love having them visit. 

Happy Mother's Day to you all.  May you all have a blessed and wonderful day with your own Mother and/or family!